Superfish Pond Eco Plus Remote Control Filter Pumps

Superfish Pond Eco Plus Remote Control Filter Pumps

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Key Features

  • Energy Efficient Pond Filter Pump - High flow output with low power consumption
  • Can be submersed or used dry above water
  • Remote control included - allows for 10 different flow rates to be selected
  • Requires up to 75% less power than other models
  • Features run dry protection - protects your pump if there is no water pumping through it


The Superfish Pond ECO Plus Remote Controlled Filter Pumps are ideal for use in Koi and large ponds. The new design features the latest generation electronic drive allowing the pump to save up to 75% on energy costs compared to other models. This allows the Superfish Pond ECO Plus pumps to demonstrate high water flow output with low energy consumption.

These pumps can also be used in both a submerged and a dry environment - allowing for increased versatility in its use in your garden.

A notable feature of these pumps is the 'run dry protection'. This feature ensures that when there is no water in the pump chamber, the pump stops automatically. This occurs 10 seconds after the pump is taken away from water. After a further 10 seconds the pump will attempt to restart. If water is still not present, the pump will stop again. This will repeat 5 times before the pump shuts off completely.

The included remote control allows for operation of the pump including power on and off as well as the regulation of the flow rate. The flow rate can be set at 10 different levels.

The Superfish Pond Eco Plus RC Filter Pumps range can also handle solid particles up to 6mm in size.

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