Superfish Pond Clear All In One Pond Filter Kits - Pump, Filter and UVC

Superfish Pond Clear All In One Pond Filter Kits - Pump, Filter and UVC

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Key Features

  • Complete Biological Pond Filtration System - Helps to clear a pond in 14 days
  • Features a UVC system that helps to clear water of harmful Algae
  • Includes a Biological filter with biomedia and foam that helps to cleanse the water as it passes through
  • Each unit has a powerful pump to help move the water through the system
  • 3 Sizes to Choose from. All with 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Superfish Pond Clear kits are an ideal complete set for setting up a pond or replacing an existing filtration system.

The 3 in 1 Combi kit includes a gravity fed box filter. Gravity fed systems are ideally placed over the edge of the pond or waterfall to allow the water to return to the pond by way of gravity. The filter box has bio media balls and filter foam to help cleanse the pond water as it passes through the box. The 6000 and 12000 models have and additional chamber with powerful brushes.

Alongside the filter is a UVC Clarifier that focus Ultra violet beams into the pond water and destroys the cell walls of any algae, clumping them together into more manageable particle. What remains can then be sent to the filter so it is sieved out to create clean and clear water as it returns to the pond.

Helping to send the water through the system is a powerful Eco-Flow pond pump that passes the water past the UVC and Filter foams on its way to the gravity boxes outlet.

The Superfish Pond Clear kit is a perfect beginners kit, providing all needed in one handy box.

Each kit comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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