Superfish Eco & Pro Aquarium Heaters

Superfish Eco & Pro Aquarium Heaters

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Key Features

  • Eco & Pro models to choose from
  • Variety of Wattage types
  • Efficient and compact heaters
  • Suction cups and long cable for easy installation
  • Fully submersible


The Superfish Eco & Pro Heaters are a range of submersible tropical aquarium heaters that are designed for various different tank sizes and requirements.

The selection includes both eco and pro models which vary in power up to 300 Watts and are available for different sized aquariums up to 200 litres. The heater is completely submersible and is fixed onto the tank via the included suction pads.

The Eco and Pro Heaters have a reliable thermostat and an extra-long cable. The Pro heater also features shatter proof glass.

A spare suction pad is included with the product, as well as a 3 pin UK plug.


Cable length: 1.5M

2 Year manufacturer warranty included

Type Power Litre Size
Superfish Eco Heater 50W Eco 50 Watts 0 - 30 17cm
Superfish Eco Heater 100W Eco 100 Watts 20 - 60 21cm
Superfish Eco Heater 200W Eco 200 Watts 75 - 125 35cm
Superfish Pro Heater 50W Pro 50 Watts 0 - 30 17cm
Superfish Pro Heater 100W Pro 100 Watts 20 - 60 21cm
Superfish Pro Heater 200W Pro 200 Watts 60 - 125 35cm
Superfish Pro Heater 300W Pro 300 Watts 125 - 200 35cm

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