SuperFish  - Air-Box Oxygenator Set

SuperFish - Air-Box Oxygenator Set

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Key Features

  • Superfish pond oxygenator with box
  • Box provides protection against rain and splashed water
  • Provides fresh oxygen to your pond water
  • Can help to keep your pond ice free in winter
  • Complete with air stones, air tubes, and spare membrane


Pond and Aquarium fish need a healthy environment to live in, this includes water enriched with O2. Including an Air Pump helps to deliver the essential oxygen for plants and fish in a simple way

The SuperFish Air Box Kits are an ideal water air pump for placement outside adjacent to a small/medium sized pond. The Air boxes come as a complete set for implementing aeration to your pond, including airlines and air stones. The set also contains an effective water-resistant box for the storage of the pump and provides protection against water splashes as well as rain.


Cable Length 1.5m

Model Max Flow Rate   No. Airstones Power Consumption Dimensions (LxWxH)
Air-Box 1 96 LPH 1 Airstone 2 Watts 220 x 155 x 140mm
Air-Box 2 240 LPH 2 Airstones 4 Watts 220 x 155 x 140mm
Air-Box 4 600 LPH 4 Airstones 8 Watts 255 x 185 x 185mm

Each Air-Box comes with a 2 year guarantee.

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