Polypropylene GeoTextiles Pond Liner Underlay

Polypropylene GeoTextiles Pond Liner Underlay

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Key Features

  • Perfect for protecting pond underlay - available in varying sizes
  • TS-Geotextile mechanically bonded continuous filament nonwovens material
  • Easy to manage and place into shape needed
  • High tensile strength, high water permeability and optimum soil-retention capability
  • 2m Width


Installing underlay is all about taking preventative measures to protect your ponds structural health. The TS-Geotextiles underlay are mechanically bonded continuous filament nonwovens made from 100% UV stabilized polypropylene, it's ideal for using as pond underlay but it's usage can go beyond ponds and gardens and is even used in the civil engineering industry. This versatile textile has many applications and is ideal for providing physical protection with high water permeability. The textile is so durable that it is designed to last for 100 years under typical soil conditions.

TS-Geotextile underlay is resistant to all chemical and biological media usually occurring in soils and construction materials. It cannot be dissolved by water and therefore is harmless to ground water. The high tensile strength and overall durability of this underlay means that it provides excellent protection to whatever is placed on the other side as objects laying beneath the underlay will not be able to penetrate through and damage whatever you're trying to protect. TS- geotextiles are equipped with a UV-stabilizer, providing extended resistance to direct sunlight.

Underlay typically sits beneath your pond liner but it can also be placed on top of the liner too depending on the substrate being used. Seeing as pond liner makes up the foundation of your pond it is important to protect it - not doing so will cause extremely costly problems such as repairing the liner which will often involve completely emptying your pond. Using scrap material such as old newspaper and carpet will not protect your liner effectively as these items will rot very quickly, leaving your liner exposed and venerable to plant roots, insects, and other elements.

For help or advice on using the TS GeoTextiles Underlay, please get in touch with our sales team via email or phone. Details can be found on our relevant contact pages.

How to work out how much underlay you need:

Underlay Length Required: Max Pond Length + 2x Maximum Pond Depth
Underlay Width Required: Max Pond Width + 2x Maximum Pond Depth

Once you have worked out how much liner you require, add 50cm to both the length and width to allow for some overlap to help secure the liner in place.

For example:

If you have a pond size of 3m x 4m x 2m (L x W x D):
Underlay Length = 3m + (2x 2m Depth = 4m) + 50cm Overlap = 7.5m
Underlay Width = 4m + (2x 2m Depth = 4m) + 50cm Overlap = 8.5m

Total Underlay Required: 7.5 x 8.5m


Width: 2m

Tensile Strength: 15+ kN/m

Permeability: 80-90 l/m²s (mm/s)

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