Pisces Twin Pack 20 Piece - Floating Pond Protection Kit

Pisces Twin Pack 20 Piece - Floating Pond Protection Kit

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Key Features

  • Effective Protection - The Pisces Floating Pond Protection Set provides protection on your ponds surface from predators like herons, birds and cats. The grids float on the surface and stops intruders attacking the fish below as well as protecting the water from debris like leaves.
  • Quick Set up - With interlocking rings, the pond guard net can be set up in a matter of minutes and placed on the water surface. The net can then be removed easily for maintenance and packed away when not needed
  • Versatile Install - The Pisces Floating Pond Net can be used in a variety of ways for use on all shapes of ponds. As the grids can be interlocked as needed, the net can be adapted for use. When installed they are virtually invisible from a short distance.
  • Intelligent Design - Each hexagonal grid has been designed to allow small gaps to be present on the surface, these gaps are vital for fish to reach surface for food and for pond plants to grow uninhibited
  • Dimensions- Each Defender Disc is approx 27 x 31.5cm. 2 Pack -total of 40 discs (Each Pack includes 20 Discs). Each Pack will cover approx 1.6m2 of pond (or circumference of 2.7m) Interlocking Rings Provided


Special Offer Twin Pack

The Floating Pond Protection Kit is an interlocking floating solution for preventing predators such as Cats and Herons from getting to your fish, without making your pond look unattractive.

The Floating Pond Protection Kit is designed to guard the perimeter of any pond whilst leaving the centre open. This helps protect the outside of the pond where predators are most likely to be striking from.

Along with being easy to setup and place in the pond , they are also easy to clean and maintain. Individual pieces can also be cut with secateurs or scissors for customisation such as to make room for plants to grow through.

The Floating Pond Protection Kit is a highly effective pond guard that simply clips together, and will fit any size or shaped pond.

How to calculate the number of pieces required for your pond:

Measure the circumference of the pond, divide the circumference by the diameter of one piece (27cm), this will give you the required number of pairs needed to protect your pond. Predators such as herons and cats will normally only strike at the edge of the pond and therefore it is not necessary to cover the whole pond. A 20 piece pack will cover approx. circumference of 2.7m (8.9ft²) OR surface area of 1.6m² (17.4 ft²).



2 x 20 Piece Pack


Each Piece: 27cm (10.5 Inches) x 31cm (12 inches)

20 pieces in pack

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