Pisces Active Carbon Bio Bead Aquarium Filter Media

Pisces Active Carbon Bio Bead Aquarium Filter Media

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Key Features

  • Highly porous, biological media for all types of aquarium filter.
  • 5 -10mm beads
  • Large Surface Area for beneficial bacteria
  • 500g Box
  • Various Pack Sizes Avaiable


Pisces Active Bio Beads

Creates a large surface area for the 'beneficial' bacteria to colonise, increasing the break down of harmful Nitrates and Nitrites producing better quality water for your fish.

By adding these to your filtration set up you are ensuring the best environment for your fish

Each bead is 5 -10mm in diameter and are very porous


Each box is a 500g box

Each bio bead is approximately 5-10mm in diameter

Available in 1, 3, 5 and 10 Packs

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