Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Gravity Filter System - 47011

Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Gravity Filter System - 47011

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Key Features

  • Please Note - Proficlear is a made to order filter had currently has a delivery time of 12-21 Days
  • Large Surface area extraction drum for larger debris
  • Innovative Movie Bed Bio media technology Gravity Fed filter system
  • Uses Hel X 13 Bio media, giving an increased surface area. Compatible with the additional Pump Chamber unit that can house 2 Gravity pumps and 2 Gravity UVCs (not included)
  • Helps to reduce algae growth. Easy to clean and maintain

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Please Note - Proficlear is a made to order filter had currently has a delivery time of 12-21 Days

Oase Proficlear is an advanced filtration system designed for the larger and more demanding of pond. Due to its popularity and advanced features, Oase have introduced their compact range for 2016.

The Proficlear Premium Compact is a scaled down version of the modular filter system with all the same benefits. Featuring a unique automated mechanical drum filter combined with moving bed technology. This gravity fed filter has 2 designated sections in the filter.

The first is the moving bed system, using Hel X 13 Bio Media instead of filter foams. This gives an increased surface area for the beneficial bacteria to effectively break down the pollutants and bad bacteria. An adjacent moving drum has large surface extraction sieves, pulling the larger debris out. This is then washed away by a 4 bar cleaning pressure pump at the top of the drum, that uses pond water to flush the debris through and out of the system. This continuous movement in both filter sections reduces algae growth by preventing chances for the algae to form and grow.

A controller is mounted on the side of the filter box for ease of access for on and off functions and temperature checking. The box has the ability to have an UVC like a Bitron Gravity, mounted to the side.

The Proficlear Compact system is an easy to maintain filter with removable drum sieves, the constant automatic cleaning of the bio media in motion and the 4 bar cleaning of the drum. The filter also has the added benefit of a water level control to prevent over flowing.

The Gravity version has the ability to be connected to an additional Pump Chamber unit that can house 2 Bitron UVCs and 2 AquaMax Gravity Pumps, available to purchase separately.



Dimensions in mm: L: 820 x W: 685 x H: 885

Guarantee: 2+1 Years

Min Flow Rate in LPH: 7500

Max Flow Rate in LPH: 16500

Suitable for Ponds up to : 88000

Suitable for Ponds (mixed fish) : 44000

Suitable for Ponds (Koi) : 22000

Cable in M: 5 +5

Biological Filter Surface in M²: 32.2

Inlets: 50mm/ DN110

Can Connect to : Bitron Gravity, Proficlear Pump Chamber Compact, AquaOxy 2000

Outlet : DN110

Type of Use: Gravity Fed System

Media Included: 40 Litres Hel-X 13 BioMedium

Recommended units for connection: Optional Pump Chamber, 2 x Aquamax Gravity Eco 10000, 1 x AquaOxy 2000 (for moving bed), 2 x Bitron Gravity 55 Watt , DN100 Bottom Drain, AquaSkim Gravity Pond Skimmer

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