Oase Pontec PondoSolar Floating Islands

Oase Pontec PondoSolar Floating Islands

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Key Features

  • Easy to set up.
  • Floating islands
  • Integrated Solar Panel
  • Fountain attachment in centre, and additional heads for creative displays
  • No power needed.. 250 Control comes with a remote control for more user comfort. 2 Years Guarantee

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Pontec range of Solar islands are a great choice for a central pond fountain.

The Pontec Pondosolar Lily Island floats on the surface of the water and uses the integrated solar panel to harness to suns power to work. No electrical cable, no electric bills.

The solar panels sits in the centre and faces directly up, optimizing the suns rays it receives. A fountain head positioned in the centre can create fountain displays up to 30cm in height, with the resulting water cascade falling onto the lily shaped float that surrounds the panel. The fountain is eye catching and adds additional aerator and movement to the pond as it gently creates waves and increases oxygen

The Pontec PondoSolar Island 250 Control adds a different dimensions to the floating island. While still possessing an integrated solar panel, the 250 control has the added benefits of a remote control. Enabling you to control the functions of the solar island from a distance away. The control allows you to switch the island on and off, set the time the fountain is on, turns on and off the LED and adjust the flow rate. All from a distance.

The Island has 4 fountain heads to create different displays and LED illumination to produce light effects.

With the panel integrated into the floating islands, there is no need for external set up around the pond. The compact pump sits underneath the solar base and is hidden from view. Simply plug in the pump and place the island on the water surface, it is as simple as that.


Model Dimensions (cm) Max Pump Flow Rate Fountain Height (cm) Solar Panel
PondoSolar Lily 30 x 30 x 3 150 LPH Max 30 6V/DC/1.3W
PondoSolar Island 250 Control 270 x 270 x 40 250 LPH 60cm 5V/DC/1.4W

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