Oase - Part - 50295 Biokick Filter Start - 200ml

Oase - Part - 50295 Biokick Filter Start - 200ml

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Key Features

  • Awakens the filter biology in the FiltoMatic CWS, to 100% in just a few days
  • The decontamination of nitrite, ammonium and ammonia is started immediately
  • Beneficial after performing partial water changes or filter maintenance
  • Essential for new systems and suited for post-dosing after water changes and when cleaning the filter.
  • 200ml treats 10,000 litres

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Oase Biokick Filter Start, the perfect choice for your filter.

Pond filters collect sludge, food remnants and fish excreta until the filter sponges are full. Thus, frequent cleaning of the filter media is necessary so that nitrogen compounds and phosphates from the pollutants do not again dissolve in the water. However, frequent sponge cleaning causes the loss of biomass which is essential for the decomposition of nutrients and pollutants. Losing the biomass in this way greatly reduces the filtration capacity of your filter. This also applies to new systems which have not had time to generate naturally. The new Oase BioKick CWS has been developed as the optimal starter helper for pond filter systems.

The highly concentrated starter micro-organisms help the filter sponges to generate the biomass that the filter requires to quickly unfold its full performance effectively. The balanced ratio of starter bacteria and bacteria nutrients ensures an accelerated settlement of filter sponges, and the special high-performance bacteria are particularly effective in quickly decomposing nutrients and detoxifying the pond water. Freeze dried bacteria cultures in powdered form that are activated in water. Essential for new systems and suited for post-dosing after water changes and when cleaning the filter.


200ml treats 10,000 litres

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