Oase Highline Premium LED + IR Control system + 120w Transformer Kit

Oase Highline Premium LED + IR Control system + 120w Transformer Kit

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The Oase HighLine Premium LED Kit - Includes 1 x Choosen Highline Premium LED + IR Control Unit + Transformer. An easy and unique set up to enable you to control your LED with a remote.

The Oase HighLine Premium LED delivers a broad colour spectrum and simulated natural sunlight which promotes healthy plant and livestock growth. With pre-programmed light scenarios, the HighLine Premium LED light can be adjusted as desired with the EAC Aquarium Controller (Part 33885 not included), to give your aquarium the lighting that it deserves.

Thanks to the state of the art luminous flux technology, the HighLine Premium LED's remain uniformly bright over virtually their entire service life, and comes with an IP68 waterproof rating for optimal protection.

Each HighLine comes with an universal adaptor to allow for easy attaching to your HighLine Premium or Styleline tank as well as other open top tanks.

IR Control Set

The Oase IR Control Set is a practical system that lets you adjust up to two HighLine Premium LED light units from one location via the included infrared remote control.

The receiver module can be discretely fixed in place on the exterior wall of the aquarium base cabinet, allowing you to adjust the colour selection, brightness and light scenario including day progression via the remote control.

A convenient timer function is included to provided a timed 24 hour day cycle that includes sunrise, sunset and nighttime settings

Lighting Scenarios:

Daylight, sunrise and Moonlight - mimics the natural light of day, sun and moonlight

Community Aquarium - to accent different species in one aquarium

African Lake - rich with white stones, light white sand. Ideal for aquariums with no plants but colourful fish

Amazon River - Dark aquarium bases with brown roots, giving a more subtle and natural look

AquaScape - for full and highly planted aquariums with few or no fish, giving focus to the plants.

The IR Control system is designed to be connected to the EAC Transformer (Provided in this kit), the system can be used for up to 6 HighLine Premium LED Systems when connected correctly to your Aquarium set up. (Additional accessories are needed for multiple set up)

120W Transformer

The transformer is an essential accessory for use with the IR Control System. (Also needed for use with EAC Aquarium Controller - Sold Seperately)

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