Oase HighLine Premium LED Aquarium Lighting

Oase HighLine Premium LED Aquarium Lighting

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The Oase HighLine Premium LED provides optimal illumination for your aquarium using the latest LED technology with high energy efficiency.

The Oase HighLine Premium LED delivers a broad colour spectrum and simulated natural sunlight which promotes healthy plant and livestock growth. With pre-programmed light scenarios, the HighLine Premium LED light can be adjusted as desired with the EAC Aquarium Controller (Part 3388not included), to give your aquarium the lighting that it deserves.

Thanks to the state of the art luminous flux technology, the HighLine Premium LED's remain uniformly bright over virtually their entire service life, and comes with an IP68 waterproof rating for optimal protection.

Each HighLine comes with an universal adaptor to allow for easy attaching to your HighLine Premium or Styleline tank as well as other open top tanks.

Additional accessories also available. Transformer not included (Part 33889)

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