Oase FoamFix Expanding Pond Sealant - 70972

Oase FoamFix Expanding Pond Sealant - 70972

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Key Features

  • Genuine Oase Product
  • Easily fill gaps and cavities in ponds
  • Expands and hardens quickly
  • Long Lasting UV Resistant black colour
  • Can be used to fix stones or rocks into place for decorative rockeries and waterfalls. Practical Foam dispenser and disposable gloves included. Fish and Plant friendly

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The Oase FoamFix is an easy to use expanding foam that can be used to help seal cavities in ponds.

The black expanding foam has a long lasting effect thanks to its UV resistant black colour. The foam can be sprayed into cavities around your pond or feature to seal them and create a complete finished look.

The foam expands uniformly and hardens quickly, making it an ideal piece of kit to work with. The foam has a high filling capacity and good adhesion on all substrates (expect PE, PP and PTFE)

The foam allows for the easy fixing of stones and small rocks around decorative displays like waterfalls and rockeries.

Use with the Oase FoamGun (Sold separately) for a more precise and controlled spray.


700ml Can

Dispenser and Disposable Gloves provided.

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