Oase Filtoclear Pressure Pond Filters (2022)

Oase Filtoclear Pressure Pond Filters (2022)

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Key Features

  • New generation of Filtoclear Systems includes 2 Way valve to allow for a simple water flow change.
  • Traditional pressurised filter with UVC that can be buried in the ground if needed - Paired with a suitable AquaMax Eco Premium Pump
  • Includes an easy to replace UVC lamp that works hard to clear the pond while having minimal work to replace
  • Robust housing with a new design metal clamp to secure the lid to the filter bucket
  • Available in a selection of sizes. Includes 2 year Manfacturer Warranty


The FiltoClear Pressure Pond Filter 2022 is a New generation of the tradition filter from Oase

The Filtoclear provides superior pond filtration with an array of new features that make this filter the perfect choice for any pond.

Each filter has an integrated UVC that has been upgraded to use high quality materials that protects the ballast from sunlight and moisture. The UV power has been increased on all models ensuring the best filtering of the pond water. The Lamps are easy to remove with the newer design system. This allows the UV lamp to be removed from the housing without the need to turn off the filter or remove the Quartz.

Improved filter sponges and the simplified pull out mechanism allows for convenient cleaning alongside prevention of the filter foams becoming easily clogged. The filters provided give a balanced filtration of the water and trap all kinds of debris and sediment. The sponges lay on special plates that distribute the load when pulling for cleaning. This makes it easier as the power of the pull passes to individual sponge plates and not the complete system as was present in its predecessor. The 19000 and 31000 models come with an additional cleaning rotor for the Quartz.

A 2 way Valve has been added that allows the customer to choose whether the water flows into the pond or waste. This eliminates the need for a flushing function. A new metal clamp has been added that secures easily around the lid and base and has an improved closing mechanism

The filter is made of robust and durable materials and is still able to be buried in the ground for a near invisible installation


Model Max Flow Rate Suitable for Ponds (No Fish) Suitable for Ponds (With Fish) UVC Qty of Coarse Filter Foams (Blue) Qty of Medium Filter Foams (Purple) Qty of Fine Filter Foams (Red) Includes Cleaning Rotor Dimensions (Dia x H)
Filtoclear 5000 5000 LPH (1100 Gal) 5000 Litres (1100 Gal) 2500 Litres (550 Gal) 18 Watt - 1 1 No 380 x 310 mm
Filtoclear 13000 9000 LPH (1980 Gal) 13000 Litres (2860 Gal) 7000 Litres (1540 Gal) 24 Watt 1 1 1 No 380 x 510 mm
Filtoclear 19000 13000 LPH (2860 Gal) 19000 Litres (4180 Gal) 10000 Litres (2200 Gal) 42 Watt 2 1 1 No 380 x 630 mm
Filtoclear 31000 17000 LPH (3740 Gal) 31000 Litres (6820 Gal) 15000 Litres (3300 Gal) 60 Watt 2 2 1 No 380 x 750 mm
Each Filter comes with
-38mm and 50mm connections (Inlet, Outlet and Sludge)
-5 Metre Cable (Note  - as per building regulations, these units do not come with a plug and need installing in an applicable outdoor system)
-2 Year Manufacturer Warranty (+1 year upon request)

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