Oase EAC Aquarium Controller + 120w Transformer kit

Oase EAC Aquarium Controller + 120w Transformer kit

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EAC Aquarium Controller + 120W Transformer kit – all you need to get started

The Oase EAC Aquarium Controller allows you to control your Aquarium even when you are not at home.

The EAC Controller allows for up to 5 compatible devices to be added to the box that can be controlled via the Oase Cloud App from anywhere in the world.

Adjust the flow rate of your StreamMax pump via connection to the StreamMax Controller, turn off your lights on your HighLine or simply turn off your complete system, the EAC works through a Wifi signal or a router box.

The controller contains a warning function that alerts you to potential issues in your aquarium, for example, if your StreamMax pump stops working, giving you peace of mind when you cannot be close to your aquarium.

Provided with this kit is the 120w Transformer which is needed to power the EAC Controller.

The EAC Transformer is an essential accessory for the Oase EAC Aquarium Controller and the IR Control set.

The 120w Transformer is also needed for a direct and easy connection to HighLine Premium LED units (where an EAC may not be in use)

The transformer is easy to connect and can be hidden in tank cabinets.


EAC Aquarium Controller

Dimensions: 194 x 124 x 60mm

Power: 2 Watts

Inlets: 1

Outlets: 5

Network suitability: Router/Cloud

120w Transformer

For essential use with: EAC Aquarium Controller (provided) and IR Control Set (sold seperately)

Additional use: Highline Premium LED (direct connection, when LED not connected through the EAC Controller ) (Sold seperately)

Dimensions: 150 x 75 x 25mm

Power: 120 Watts

Cable : 1.5m Primary, 1.2m Secondary

Guarantee: 3 Years + 1 Year (optional)

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