Oase Cord Seal Fitting Rubber Gasket for Power Cables - Part 84170

Oase Cord Seal Fitting Rubber Gasket for Power Cables - Part 84170

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Key Features

  • Seal Fitting to create waterproof seals when installing cable
  • Feed your pump or LED cable through a liner or reservoir. Suitable for cables from 3 - 9mm
  • 2 plates ensure an easy fit around pump cable with the internal rubber creating a tight seal
  • Main gasket can be installed inside pipework or water basins, features or fountains. Or use the provided Adaptor for greater scope in set up
  • 1 1/2 Inch PVC adaptor provided to assist in any set up.

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Oase Cord Seal fitting is an easy to install rubber gasket that helps to solve your fountain installation problems.

When it comes to installing a pump or LED lights inside a pond, water feature or water basin, installing the cable inside becomes an issue due to maintaining a watertight seal. Thankfully the Oase Cord Seal means you no longer have to worry about using chemical sealant as the fitting is designed to plug the gab and prevent any leakage. The cord seal also helps with protecting your cable from harm.

With the Cord Seal fitting you are able to install your power cables through reservoir walls and similar structures with full protection. Because the seal is removable and not a permanent sealant this means that you can easily replace your cables if needed.

The Seal has a rubber gasket at the centre that is squeezed between to covering plates, as the screws are tightened, the seal creates a perfect tight waterproof fit.

The gasket makes it easier to have the set up you desire without trailing cables. The main fitting can be placed inside relevant sized PVC pipework placed in your pond reservoir or basin or when used with the adaptor, can be perfect for any set up thanks to the threaded fitting.


46mm Outside Diameter

Can accept cables from 3-9mm

Adaptor provided is a PVC solvent fitting with a threaded male connector (1.5” BSP).

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