Oase Bitron Eco UV Clarifiers

Oase Bitron Eco UV Clarifiers

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The Oase Bitron Eco Filter is an efficient and advanced UVC clarifier giving high intensity treatment of suspended algae and harmful bacteria in pond water.

The Bitron Eco has been designed with many factors in mind, making it a must for avid Koi and Pond Keepers.

The UVC clarifier has a unique UV Bulb at its core that has been developed to provide a 50% longer life. The bulb is covered by an automatic cleaning rotor that is continuously guided around the quartz by the natural water flow and prevents debris from settling on it.

Access to the bulb has been made simple with the quick release function that allows direct access without the need to remove the glass quartz.

The Bitron Ecos have been manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency is gained. This is thanks to the perfect combination of flow rate and irradiation intensity. An integrated bypass membrane regulates water distribution automatically based on the water flow produced by the pump and adapts itself to changing conditions.

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