Oase BiOrb Replacement Halo MCR Lids - DC Version

Oase BiOrb Replacement Halo MCR Lids - DC Version


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The MCR Replacement Halo lids are a new range from Oase BiOrb

The lids have been designed with the new DC power capabilities, allowing them for easy use with any DC BiOrb Transformer – Part 73114 (They will not work with the older transformer – Part 46038).

If you find your Halo DC lid has been damaged or your lights have failed, the replacement lid is an ideal option to keep the costs down

Each lid is fitted with the MCR Lighting system that allows for simple control of lights and changing colour schemes by way of a remote (sold separately)

The lid fits easily onto the top of the relevant Halo tank and requires no additional set up, you can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Oase BiOrb have developed the DC power as an alternate to the older AC, so if your tanks needs a refresh or upgrade to the latest version, its simple with replacing the older AC (black cable with black transformer) to the new DC (white cable and white transformer)

Available in 3 sizes and 3 colours, the lids will complement your Halo tank.


biOrb Halo Tank (In Litres) LED Lighting Type Dimensions Colours Available Provided with
15 Litre Halo MCR 24.5cm x 9cm Grey and White 1.5m integrated cable
30 Litre Halo MCR 31.5cm x 9cm Grey and White 1.5m integrated cable
60 Litre Halo MCR 37.5cm x 9cm Grey and White 1.5m integrated cable

All MCR Lids require a MCR Remote to control the lights (Not Supplied)

NOTE: These are DC Lids and will ONLY work with the DC Transformers (Part 73114)

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