Oase biOrb Aquarium Sea Lily Decoration

Oase biOrb Aquarium Sea Lily Decoration

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Inspired by the delicate feather like creatures that live on the sea bed, the biOrb Sea Lily is an attractive addition to your aquarium display.

With a weighted base, the plant sits safely on the base of your tank and will not float to the surface. Combine the Lily with other artificial plants from the biOrb range and you can create a luscious, eye catching underwater environment. The plant is made of non toxic material so is safe for the fish that swim around it.

Unlike real plants, the Lily will not produce any chemicals that may harm the water balance in the aquarium and they can be easily removed and repositioned when you need to clean your tank. We recommend rinsing the plant before placing in the tank.

To create a natural and realistic look, place the smaller plants in front of larger plants. As well as biOrbs these decorative Sea Lily's will make an excellent addition to any Aquarium setup.


Size: Approx 12cm in diameter.

Size of Base: 3cm in diameter.

Suitable for any size Aquarium

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