Oase biOrb Air Terrarium Replacement Coir Compost Brick

Oase biOrb Air Terrarium Replacement Coir Compost Brick

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Key Features

  • Genuine Oase BiOrb accessory
  • Shrink wrapped Coir compost block
  • Will expand to up to 6 litres
  • Helps to cultivate plants when used on top of a capillary mat
  • For use in the BiOrb Air Terrarium

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The Oase biOrb Coir Brick is a sterilised compost that is used as a growth medium in the biOrb Air Terrarium.

The biOrb Coir Compost is made from sustainable coco peat, this eco-friendly alternative to traditional soil offers a neutral pH level, ensuring it won't disrupt your plants' acidity or alkalinity levels.

The specially treated Coir Compost retains optimal moisture levels, providing plant roots with the ideal environment for growth. Unlike regular soil, it holds water without becoming waterlogged, ensuring prolonged hydration for your terrarium.

The unique structure of our Coir Compost promotes excellent aeration to plant roots, facilitating healthy development and preventing root rot.

Whether for terrariums, houseplants, or outdoor greenery, biOrb Coir Compost is your go-to growing medium. Perfect for your biOrb AIR terrarium or any other terrarium system.

The Coir sits on top of a capillary mat that then draws water up to the compost from a small reservoir in the base.

Place at the base of the biOrb air to help cultivate the plant roots. Simply add water to expand.


Choose from.

biOrb Air 30 Brick – Expands to 3 litres in volume.

biOrb Air 60 Brick – Expands to 6 litres in volume.




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