Oase biOrb 3 in 1 Water Treatment Bundle

Oase biOrb 3 in 1 Water Treatment Bundle

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Key Features

  • 3 pack of essential biOrb water treatments: Water Optimiser, Biological Booster & Complete Care.
  • The treatments are easy and simple to use. Adapts to the needs of biOrb aquariums.
  • Water treatment removes impurities and debris in the water helping improve biological filtration.
  • Biological Booster improves water quality using natural bacteria, ideal for when you want to change your water or filter.
  • Complete Care promotes fish well-being. With regular use it can prevent deficiencies.


The biOrb 3 in 1 Water Care Bundle contains 3 essential solutions to keep your aquarium in optimum state. Each of the 3 solutions comes in a 100ml bottle and has individual dosage instructions for best results. These can all be seen on the peel-away labels on each of the bottles.

biOrb Water Optimiser
The Oase biOrb Water Optimiser is a simple and quick way to improve the quality inside a biOrb or any other aquarium.

The Water Optimiser improves the biological filtration, removes impurities from the water and benefits the overall well being of your fish.

Add a few squirts to your aquarium every week to help keep your tank water crystal clear and healthy.

The spray is suitable for all aquariums and is 100% natural and safe. You cannot overdose your aquarium with this fluid.

biOrb Biological Booster
The Oase biOrb Biological Booster is an ideal aquarium water treatment solution designed to help keep your aquarium water healthy and clean.

The biological booster includes natural bacteria that will boost the overall water condition of your biOrb. This is perfect to use during a water change or when replacing your filter cartridge.

biOrb Complete Care
The Oase biOrb Complete Care is an ideal aquarium water treatment solution designed to help keep fish healthy and clean.

The complete care helps to prevent deficiencies in your fish and also helps to promote their overall well-being by replacing minerals and trace elements essential for the long term health of the inhabitants of the tank


Pack contains 1 bottle of each type of treatment. Each treatment bottle is 100ml.

biOrb Water Optimiser
Dosage: 2 Pumps will treat 15 Litres
Shake bottle for 10 seconds before use
Note-The water will go cloudy as treatment is added but will return to normal within a few hours
Suitable for Marine Tanks

biOrb Biological Booster
Dosage: 5 pumps per 15 litres of water

biOrb Complete Care
Dosage: 5 pumps per 15 litres of water
Apply every seven days

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