Oase BioMaster External Aquarium Filters

Oase BioMaster External Aquarium Filters

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Key Features

  • External Aquarium filter with integrated heater that provides the ultimate performance and convenience.
  • Large filter volume – Hel-X biological filtering mixed with mechanical cleaning ensures healthy and clear aquarium water.
  • EasyClean PreFilter Module – provides a quick rinse solution that reduces the need for full system cleans.
  • The shut-off mechanism and safety lock prevent unwanted water leaks when carrying out maintenance.
  • Economical, Quiet and comes with 3 Years (+1 Optional) Guarantee.

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Oase BioMaster External Filter is a sleek and effective Aquarium filter.

Using a multi staged filtration process, the BioMaster works hard to keep the tank water clean and healthy by putting it through a combination of mechanical and biological filtration to produce the required clean water.

Each BioMaster has a Pre Filter module that not only is the vital starting point in the filtration process, but can also be easily removed from the filter canister for easier cleaning without pulling apart the rest of the filter. The Pre Filter section is full of high grade Pre-filter foams, positioned to catch the vital debris as the water passes through and giving optimal mechanical filtration and a longer service life of the biological media.

More filter foams are positioned above a base of Biological Hel X media, completing an advanced and thorough cleaning process. Hel X is highly effective as it uses increased settlement area, up to 13% extra, and allowing a greater amount of bacteria to be contained, giving a more rapid breakdown of debris and particles in the water. The result: clean, crystal clear and ultimately healthy water.

But the BioMaster has more to offer as an aquarium filter. The Filter itself has a practical vent section at the top of the unit, allowing for fast and easy start up when installing and after cleaning. An automated shut off and safety locking mechanism prevents undesired water escaping when the pre filter is removed or when cleaning. The front of the filter has a conveniently placed flow control lever, giving you instant and easy access.

The BioMaster is a complete, effective and practical filter. The BioMaster can also be retrofitted with a HeatUp Heater.

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