Oase BioCompact Internal Aquarium Filters

Oase BioCompact Internal Aquarium Filters

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Oase BioCompact is the perfect sized Internal Filter for those smaller aquariums or paludarium.

The BioCompact is an extremely quiet and energy efficient internal filter. Despite its small and compact size, the filter has a large filter media surface area in the smallest of spaces for effective water filtration.

The base of the filter has a fine active charcoal foam that ensures the filtration of the aquarium water is kept running at its best and most effective producing healthy and clear water.

The outlet is adjustable to control the flow rate and includes a diffuser attachment to improve aeration.

What makes the BioCompact different from other filters, is its ability to be installed horizontally in a tank, making it versatile for different tank set ups.

Because of this it is ideal to use in Paludariums where water levels might be low or limited and the filter is needed to be situation in the horizontal position.

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