KCT Replacement Cat Tree Sisal Scratching Post

KCT Replacement Cat Tree Sisal Scratching Post


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Key Features

  • Replacement Sisal Post - KCT Replacement Sisal Post, relife your cat tree simple and easy be replacing a post. Or add to your own custom design
  • Heavy Duty Materials - Each post is made of a thick sisal rope that allows cats to follow in their natural instinct to scratch.
  • Universal Fitting -With a 9cm wide pole and a universal M8 fitting, the poles can be used to replace worn , old and damaged posts on most cat scratching trees and poles.
  • Sisal Texture - The posts are covered in heavy duty ntural sisal rope that mimics the material consistency of tree bark. Using scratch posts helps to protect your furniture from these natural behaviours
  • Dimensions - 9cm Wide with M8 Fitting. Available in 30,40,50,60 and 70cm Lengths


The KCT Replacement Sisal Cat Scratch Posts are an ideal solution to revive any well used Cat Tree.

Providing a Cat or Kitten with a scratching post helps to encourage their natural instincts and a place to sharpen their claws. But intense or prolonged scratching can cause the essential posts of a cat tree to begin to fray or break.

Eliminate the need to replace the full tree and use a KCT Replacement Sisal Post to swap out for any damaged ones. Each post is 9cm thick and are wrapped in heavy duty natural sisal rope that mimics the material consistency of tree bark, used by cats outdoors when they need to scratch.

The Pole can also be used to make bespoke cat scratching trees and units. They interconnect and can make a large selection of heights to add to a creative tree design.


Dimensions (LxW) Fitting Size
30x9cm M8
40x9cm M8
50x9cm M8
60x9cm M8
70x9cm M8

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