KCT Lima Plus Exotic Portable Bird Small Cage - White

KCT Lima Plus Exotic Portable Bird Small Cage - White


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Key Features

  • Compact all-in-one bird cage with multiple accessories
  • Sliding door to access your bird
  • Attachable food cups with lock-in-place lids
  • 2 Perches for your pet to rest on
  • Slide out mess tray for easy cleaning -a simple way to keep the cage clean


The Lima Plus Small Bird Cage is an easy to assemble, compact, light-weight, galvanized metal cage. The Lima Plus Cage comes with a white plastic base complete with a removable litter tray which allows for the cage to be easily cleaned and maintained.

Attachable plastic food cups clip onto the metal exterior with ease so that your pet always has something to eat and drink, the lids also provide some cover for the food cups in order to reduce spillage and foreign objects from entering your pets food and water.

A metal carry handle located at the top of the cage enables you to hang or transport your cage when needed, making it an optional carry/travel cage for your bird.

The Lima cage comes with the following accessories included:

  • Two cross bar perches which attach to the cage frame, allowing your pet an area to rest and land
  • Two plastic clip on cups to be used for both food and water which also come with closing lids
  • A pull out litter tray draw for easy cleaning


Dimensions LxWxH : 44 x 40.5 x 53cm. 

Door Opening WxH : 9x 12cm

Base Tray Height : 10.5cm

Food Cup Sizes LxWxH: 11 x 8.5 x 9.5cm

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