KCT Garden Spike Roller - Lawn Aerator

KCT Garden Spike Roller - Lawn Aerator


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Key Features

  • KCT Rolling Lawn Aerator functions as an efficient lawn scarifier and aerator for healthy grass growth and a lush garden
  • Spike roller garden tool aids in lawn aeration through 27 steel spikes, allowing water, air and nutrients to reach grassroots
  • As a garden roller, this tool can be a great alternative to lawn aerator shoes, facilitating a natural way to a rich green lawn without using chemicals
  • Ideal lawn and garden aerator, lightweight and compact, easy to assemble, use and store away - ideal for lawns prone to compaction from pets or children
  • Ensure to aerate moist soil for the best results, tool dimensions LxWxH - 145 x 450 x 1265mm, with the handle length being 103cm, pipe diameter - 25mm, and spike length - 3cm


The Garden Spike Roller is a simple tool used to aerate your lawn, helping to generate healthy grass growth.

The soil in your garden over time may become compacted through children or pets running around on the lawn, or from general garden use. Compacted soil has a hard time circulating itself, which over time will starve the roots from the essentials required for healthy growth.

The Garden Spike Roller works by perforating the ground with its steel spikes, creating small holes in the ground. This allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots which help the roots to grow deeply and produce a lush garden lawn.

Using the Garden Spike Roller is a more natural approach to achieving a rich green lawn, rather than using potentially damaging and expensive chemicals.

The Garden Spike Roller is easy to assemble, easy to use and is lightweight and compact enough to be put away after use.

Helpful Tip* - For best results, make sure the soil you are going to aerate is moist enough. Trying to aerate dry soil is generally quite difficult so its best done after a rain shower or watering your lawn the day before.


Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 x 440 x 1450mm
Roller Size: Diameter: 414 x 140mm
Handle: 123cm
Pipe Diameter: 30mm

Number of Spikes: 27

Spike Length: 3.2cm

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