KCT Extra Large Puppy Pet Training Pads

KCT Extra Large Puppy Pet Training Pads


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Highly absorbent, odour controlling and leakproof, the KCT puppy pads are an effective way of controlling your pet’s toilet requirements. Whether it be to housetrain your new puppy or to assist with your elderly dog the KCT training pads are perfect for the job. These pads are great for puppies and dogs, but they can also be used for other house pets from cats to rabbits for their toiletry needs.

The highly absorbent inner material combined with the top aerated layer allows for fast absorption of liquids keeping odours under control. The mats are soft on your pet’s skin, keeping their comfort in mind. The base layer of the mats is leakproof which will stop any liquids from getting onto your floor keeping your home fresh and hygienic.



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