KCT Classic Barrel BBQ Grill & Smoker

KCT Classic Barrel BBQ Grill & Smoker


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Key Features

  • Traditional Classic Barrel Style
  • Large Cooking Surface
  • Folding Shelves for Preparing Food
  • Adjustable Side Lid Ventilation and Easy Close Lid
  • Ideal as a BBQ & Smoker. Wheels and Carry Handle for Portability. Ash Tray Included. Shelf Rack for Storing Tools and Utensils.


With its traditional style, spacious cooking surface and sturdy steel construction, the Classic Barrel BBQ gives you everything you need for a perfect Summers day get-together.

Its classic design and large grill provides you with maximum cooking surface, making it perfect for cooking a lot of food at the same time. The integrated warming rack allows you to keep your cooked food warm while grilling other food. There are two folding shelves which allow you to prepare and store food or other items; The main shelf is a large work area where you can cut and prepare your food, with the second shelf being a smaller area for you to either plate up or store items.

The Classic Barrel BBQ has a unique smoking cylinder below the main barrel which allows you to place wood chips and other smoking fuel, which can then be used to smoke your food. Thanks to the sliding catch, the smoking cylinder can also be used as a removable ash collector to dispose of the ash that collects inside the main BBQ barrel. Located on top of the BBQ lid is a handy thermometer that lets you monitor the temperature whilst smoking.

The ash tray located underneath the barrel also provides you with an easy way to clean out the BBQ after use. There is plenty of room underneath the Classic Barrel BBQ to store your charcoal and other tools and utensils out of the way, and the carry handle and wheels allow you to safely move and store away the BBQ when not in use.


Dimensions (L x W x H):

Open Dimensions: 92 x 116 x 117cm

Closed Dimensions: 44 x 92 x 94cm

Ash/smoker Barrel (Diameter x Height): 21.5 x 14cm

Side bench: 27.5 x 20cm

Front bench : 64 x 24cm

Lower Shelf : 58 x 26cm

Cooking Height: 76cm

Cooking Area(WxL): 71 x 34.5cm

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