KCT Camouflage Outdoor Netting Mesh

KCT Camouflage Outdoor Netting Mesh


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Our KCT camouflage mesh screen hiding net is perfect for staying out of site from wildlife in outdoor environments. The net works best with an existing outdoor hide set up where an opening may need to be covered, helping you to remain undetected. Simply clip, hang, or drape the netting over your opening and it's ready to use. You can even double up the net for improved camouflage.

Ensuring that you're in shadow when setting the net up will give you the best chance of remaining hidden as the light will reflect back the bright coloured net whilst leaving you mostly out of sight.

The net is lightweight and has a printed autumn camouflage pattern.


Size options:
1m x 1.6m
3m x 1.6m
6m x 1.6m
10m x 1.6m

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