KCT 4 Arm Free-Standing Rotary Airer

KCT 4 Arm Free-Standing Rotary Airer


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Key Features

  • The KCT rotary airer having four arms provides maximum space for drying clothes as well as having an adjustable tension feature if needed.
  • 140cm x 106cm. These measurements are the height when opened, the length of one side. Dimensions: The distance between each line is 9cm.
  • This product being is ideal for camping or for travelling as it compacts to a transportable size.
  • As it has three feet at the bottom, the KCT dryer doesn’t need to be pegged or forced into the ground.
  • Set up: This airer is very easy to set up as it is foldable which means it can easily be put away or put up when required.


The KCT 4 Arm Rotary Airer provides maximum space for drying clothes and can be used anywhere thanks to its portable nature. The airer has an overall drying area of 16m using the sturdy, PBC-coated line. For extra space, you can also take advantage of the coat hanger holes on the end of each arm. 

Because the rotary airer is foldable it is ideal for camping or for travelling, when not in use it easily compacts down to a transportable size.

When in use, the KCT portable airer has three feet for placement on any level surface, furthermore it comes with 3 ground pegs which provide additional stability when used on soft ground. This allows you to dry your clothes anywhere when needed and can be used inside and out.

Natural air drying is an economical and environmentally friendly way to dry your laundry and it also avoids your clothes from being damaged by the excessive heat and spinning that can occur with tumble dryers. 


Model: 4 Arm Portable Rotary Airer

Dimensions: 140cm x 106cm. (These measurements are the height when opened, and the length of one side.) The radius of the pole is 3.2cm. The height when closed is 133.5cm.

Distance between the lines: 9cm

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