KCT 3 Pack Fleece Garden Net Cloche Grow Tunnel

KCT 3 Pack Fleece Garden Net Cloche Grow Tunnel

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Key Features

  • Fleece Growtunnel - KCT 3 Pack 3m Garden Fleece Grow Tunnel - Protects garden plants, flowers, fruit and veg from pests. Perfect for gardens, allotments and outdoor spaces
  • Promote Plant Growth - Using a protective tunnel greenhouse helps to promote strong and healthier plant growth within a controlled and safe area. This ensures any plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers are allowed to grow safely
  • Effective Air Circulation - Using a lightweight fleece desgin netting over your plants allow them to breathe easy in the cloches as air is allowd to circulate while protecting from intruders like animals
  • Lightweight Design - The tunnel has a lightweight frame that can be moved when needed. The frame has stakes that can be secured into the ground and a draw strring that allows a secure closed end.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) - 290 x 45 x 45cm. Metal frame and fleece cover. Easy to Install. Pack of 3


The KCT Fleece Grow Tunnel 3 Pack are an easy to assemble growhouse setup for use in any size garden, and perfect for allotment spaces.

The insulating fleece cover is perfect for trapping in the heat whilst also allowing water and air to pass through the fabric which is perfect for some plants. The porous nature of the fleece also allows for excess heat and humidity to escape.

The grow tunnel helps to protect growing plants, flowers, fruit and veg from pests, pets and all weathers, ensuring they grow to their best abilities.

Featuring a lightweight frame and a fleece style protective cover, the growhouse is easy and quick to assemble and can be placed anywhere around your garden, no matter how small or large. A draw string is included which allows you to seal up the ends of the tunnel for added protection.


Fleece Grow Tunnel - 3 Pack
Dimensions (LxWxH):
290 x 45 x 45cm (Each Tunnel)
Materials: Metal frame, fleece cover

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