KCT Galvanised 2x3m Walk in Chicken Pet Run

KCT Galvanised 2x3m Walk in Chicken Pet Run


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Key Features

  • Walk-in spacious, galvanised run, giving your pet room to run and explore.
  • Steel frame + chicken netting keeps your pet safe and secure from potential predators.
  • Sun shade helps shelter animals from direct sun and rain.
  • Suitable for animals such as chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats.
  • Length: 200 Width: 300 Height: 195cm


The KCT Galvanised Chicken/Pet Run enables you to create the perfect outdoor environment for your pet. Whether for use as a free-range chicken coop or a playpen for your puppy, you can rely on the safety of the enclosed run to keep your pet secure whilst giving them sufficient space to roam. 

The easy access door and wire mesh frame help to secure your pets inside, whilst at the same time, keeping unwanted predators out. 

Prolonged exposure to the elements like sun or rain can be dangerous for your pet, the roof of the pen is waterproof and able to block sun rays. This helps to keep your pets dry from rain and creates shaded areas to keep your pets away from harmful UV rays. 

The run is suitable for different animals, including chickens, quail, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats and other poultry. 


Dimensions - 

Length: 200cm
Width: 300cm
Height: 195cm

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