Interpet Internal Aquarium Cartridge Filters

Interpet Internal Aquarium Cartridge Filters

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Key Features

  • Easy Care Filter
  • Effectively Keeps Aquarium Clear, Clean and Healthy
  • Easy to Fit. Sucker Mounted support. Four Stage Filtration. Easy Clean.
  • For Aquariums of up to 90 -160 Litres (20 -35 Gallons)
  • Slot in Filter Cartridges. For Coldwater or Tropical Aquariums. Service Packs available


The Interpet Internal Cartridge Filter is the ultimate in compact filters for your Aquarium.

Using an effective four stage filtration, the filter pumps the dirty water through the four layers to produce clear and healthy water.

Stage One. The water passes through bio media which acts as a home for essential bacteria which removes toxic fish waste.

Stage Two. Mechanical floss then clears the water by trapping fine waste

Stage Three. The water then passes through carbon which purifies the water by removing dyes, toxins, heave metals and odours

Stage Four. The final stage has a unique Algaway pad that reduces unsightly algae by removing phosphate, algaes favorite food.

The result is crystal clear and healthy water being filtered back into your aquarium

Don't forget to change your cartridge and Algaway pad to keep your aquarium clear and healthy.

Included on the CF Mini Internal Cartridge Filter is a clear filter cover which stops fish and aquatic invertebrates entering the filter.

Service packs are available to purchase


Model Max Flow Rate in lph (gph) Power in Watts For Aquarium Size in Litres (Gal)
CF Mini 130 (28.5) 3.5 12 - 35 (2.6 - 8)
CF1 320 (70) 3.3 36 - 68 (8 -15)
CF2 480 (106) 4 68 - 90 (15 - 20)
CF3 700 (153) 12 90 - 160 (20 - 35)

This product comes with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee.

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