Interpet Aquarium Aqua Air Pumps

Interpet Aquarium Aqua Air Pumps

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Key Features

  • Help to Increase Surface Agitation and Circulation
  • Ideal for Decorative Features, Ornaments, Filters and Air Walls
  • Vibration Free Feet to Avoid Pump Movement
  • Integral Carbon Impregnated Filter
  • Genuine Interpet


Aeration is an important part of maintaining a healthy environment for both fish and plants. Water movement creates circulation which oxygenates the water inside of the aquarium and in turn gives fish the air they need to breathe and thrive.

Aeration encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria which consume ammonia, phosphate, nitrate and other compounds which helps limit the opportunity for algae blooms. The Interpet Aqua Air Pumps are great for providing fresh and clean filtered air into the Aquarium by using a carbon impregnated filter, which prevents toxic gases from polluting your fish tank.

The Interpet Aqua Air Pump is a great tool for use inside of an aquarium as it provides all the filtered aeration needed for fish and live plants. The AP series of air pumps by Interpet feature a neoprene diaphragm made for long-lasting performance, and also a high quality moulded case with solid base to absorb sound for quiet operation.

Included with the AP Mini Aquarium Pump is both an Airline and Airstone, enabling a quick and easy "all in one" package which is not available with any other models.


Model: Suitable for Aquarium Sizes Up To Air Flow Pressure (mbar)
AP Mini 46cm (18" Long) 60 Litres Per Hour 0.18
AP1 60cm (24" Long) 120 Litres Per Hour 0.20
AP2 100cm (36" Long) 210 Litres Per Hour 0.17
AP3 120cm (48" Long) 2 x 180 Litres Per Hour (Twin Outlet) 0.19
AP4 150cm (60" Long) 2 x 300 Litres Per Hour (Twin Outlet) 0.19

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