Hozelock Pond Vacuum

Hozelock Pond Vacuum

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Key Features


The Hozelock Pond Vac is easy to use and delivers up to 50% more suction than comparable systems.

Also, with much lower power consumption, it is up to seven times more efficient, delivering significantly reduced running costs.

The compact, portable design ensures that it is both easy to operate around the pond and store away after use.

Perfect for removing large solids and sludge build up in your pond with ease.

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60 watts

2m adjustable length handle for different size ponds (4 x 0.4m sections)

Low operational noise.

2x nozzles attachments, brightly coloured making it easy to see under water.

3m Discharge Hose

10m Cable.

Tool free access for maintenance and cleaning.

Nozzle storage points.

Comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

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