Hozelock New Ecopower Filters

Hozelock New Ecopower Filters

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Key Features

  • Clearwater guarantee for ponds up to 20000 litres (depending on model)
  • Multi Stage filtration set up - UVC clarifier included in the top of box
  • Special Venturi in the filter adds oxygen during filtration
  • Easy maintenance with built-in drain plug to flush out the sludge build up
  • 2 year guarantee


2015 sees Hozelock introduce a newer Ecopower Pond Filter in 3 new sizes.

Having a healthy and clear pond is important. Being able to see the fish is well is what all fish keepers strive for, but ensuring the ongoing healthy life inside is also a major concern. This is why all good pond set-ups will have an adequate filtration system able to clean the volume of water with ease and thus support the healthy living of both plants and fish.

Two parts of this system that are vital are a good mechanical filter and a strong and effective UVC. When these work in harmony with a pump, the pond will reap the benefits and thrive for years to come.

The Hozelock EcoPower Plus is a high performance combined filter and UVC unit that encompasses a multi stage filtration cycle to clear the pond water and produce crystal clear and healthy results.

The Ecopower is designed to remove unwanted solids in the water and convert the dissolved organic and chemical waste into harmless compounds. The Ecopower filtration cycle starts from the moment the water enters the top mounted hosetail. The water passes through the UVC that is positioned in the top of the filter box.

This UV chamber features a "turbulator" that ensures more surface area of the water is exposed directly to the UV light as it twirls around the safely housed UV lamp. This UV light kills the greenwater rich cells and clumps together the algae that is present making it easier to filter out. The water then passes through a special venturi section, this mixes air with the water, increasing the vital oxygen levels in the pond . Air is also added to the good bacteria lurking below in the biological media which helps to promote growth of this important bacteria.

Once the water passes from the venturi it is met by the biological media where the good bacteria lives. These cells help to purify the water and remove the remaining fish waste and toxins.

Finally water then rises up through foam which catch the solid waste and debris left behind, before the clean and clear water is returned to the pond.

And at the base of the filter there is a sludge outlet, where the build up of silt and waste can easily be removed.

The Ecopower range are a compact filter and UVC unit that can be placed anywhere around your pond, and minimize the need for additional equipment in your pond. Ideal if you have space constraints or simply want a streamlined pond equipment set up.

To view the instruction manual, Click Here

Note - Max Fish size refers to combined length of fish in the pond, nose to fin.

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