Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Filter Kits

Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Filter Kits

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Key Features

  • Biological + Mechanical Filtration. Aquaforce Pumps Conical impeller - maximises performance. Wildlife Protection System - protects small fish, newts, frogs, etc from accessing the pump
  • UVC - Ultra-violet Clarifier. Self Cooling System - gives continuously perfect conditions
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Includes filter media. Large cage surface area – reduces cage clogging & improves water purity
  • Carry handle - easy lifting in and out of the pond. 3 Year Guarantee


Hozelock Bioforce Revolution

Bioforce Revolution 6000, 9000 and 14000

The new Bioforce Revolution filter system is pre-assembled for easy installation with a new pond or an existing filtration system. The unit can be hidden at the side of a pond or buried in the ground up to the level of hose inlets. The pressurised filter allows the water to be pumped to a higher exit point to create relaxing waterfalls. Through flow coarse foams reduce the filter cleaning frequency. Bioforce revolution has an excellent biological filtration with Kaldnes K3 bio media exclusive to Hozelock Cyprio filter systems. Kaldnes is scientifically proven and in widespread use in industrial water purification processes. As a result, it has vastly superior biological capacity compared to other bio media used in pond filtration. High efficiency single-ended UV lamps and in-built water turbulator ensures maximum water treatment and the elimination of green water. The full Bioforce range has an easy clean backflush facility for flushing debris out of the filter, thereby extending the time between thorough foam cleaning.

The Bioforce Revolution Systems feature all the benefits of a standard pressure filter system but also benefit from the use of CypriCube foams with +50% surface area ensure clear water and facilitate an easy cleaning mechanism. So no more dirty hands simply turn the handle to activate the internal cleaning blades that separate solids from the Cypricube foams. Pressurised filtration without clogging or flow loss unique Cypricube foam filters effectively remove waste but do not clog like traditional foam filters.

Aquaforce 4000, 6000, 8000

An extremely efficient filter and waterfall pump. The Aquaforce case incorporates an exclusive wildlife protection system; protecting small fish, newts and frogs from accessing the pump. The Wildlife Protection System reduces the risk of damage to common pond wildlife. For extra protection of species such as newts we recommend using an additional cage, available as a spare part.

2 Year Guarantee on all units

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