Hozelock Above Ground Raised Aquarium Pond - 500L

Hozelock Above Ground Raised Aquarium Pond - 500L

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Key Features

  • Hozelock pond with easyclear and cascade pump options
  • Quick installation with no need to dig holes.
  • Create a raised pond anywhere in your garden
  • Twist and Lock system - no tools needed. Viewing windows for added enjoyment
  • Rattan finish


Now its easy to create a stunning water feature in your garden with the New Hozelock Aquarium.

The Hozelock above ground pond can be installed in no time and creates a modern and calming tank that can be placed around your garden or patio.

The simple "twist & lock" system allows quick construction without the need for tools. The sides click into place and can be secured by the lock system. Ideal for when you need to pack it away safely.

The Aquarium is made of a modern-looking rattan and has a durable side viewing window that allows you to observe the fish from all angles, adding to the enjoyment of the feature.

Adittional Bundles:

Hozelock Pond with Easyclear 3000 Pump

Hozelock EasyClear all in one pond filter systems are fully integrated units that to be positioned in the pond and guarantees beautiful, clear and healthy water and an attractive and reliable fountain or waterfall display. Hozelock EasyClear's provide the following:

1. Clear water - The built in ultra violet clarifier eliminates green water

2. Healthy water - The mechanical filter sieves out solids that make the water cloudy and ensures the water is healthy for fish and plants

3. Fountain display - The fountain creates a decorative display with a choice of three fountain heads.

4. Waterfall - An attractive waterfall or a combination of waterfall and fountain can be run. (3000 and 4500 models can only run either/or)

Hozelock Pond with Cascade 1500 Pump

It features a resetting thermal cut out, preventing damage to the pump should it become blocked. Easy to use and easy to maintain is the principle of this product. Foam-free strainers greatly reduce maintenance requirements.

The Hozelock Cascade Fountain & Feature Pump also features a high-efficiency motor for low running costs and a long-lasting operating lifespan. Also featured are flow controls for the determination of waterfall and fountain heights independently.


Dimensions LxWxH: 950 x 950 x 700mm

Pond Capacity: 500 Litres

Comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

Easyclear 3000:

Max Flowrate: 1260lph

Max volume (mixed): 3000 litres / 660 gallons

Max volume (mainly koi): 2000 litres / 440 gallons

Max fountain height: 0.7m

Bell jet diameter: 0.35m

Waterfall height: 0.5m

UV lamp: 5 watt

Wattage: 25 watt

Comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

Cascade 1500:

Max flowrate:1500 lph

Flowrate at 1m lift: 900 lph

Max lift: 1.8m

Wattage: 33 watts

Outlet size: 25mm

Comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

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