Hikari Sinking Wafers Tropical Fish Food

Hikari Sinking Wafers Tropical Fish Food

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Key Features

  • Soft Wafer design perfect for bottom feeders
  • Highly digestible diet
  • Perfect for use in smaller aquariums or to target feed larger aquariums
  • Formulated to support immune system health
  • Pack Sizes Available: 50g, 110g


The Hikari Tropical Sinking Wafers offer an ideal diet for aquatic life including Catfish, Loaches and other bottom feeders. The unique 'soft wafer' design is specially designed for consumption by bottom feeders with downward facing mouths who must gulp their food.

The food is specially formulated for optimum immune system health in your aquatic life through the use of a superb nutrient balance. This food is ideal to help boost bottom feeders and aid them in reaching their full potential.

This food is ideal for use in smaller aquariums or to target feed particular areas in larger tanks which helps to avoid competition for food among fish.


Pack Sizes Available: 50g, 110g

Feeding Instructions

Feed only the amount that your fish will consume completely in 20 minutes. Ensure overfeeding does not occur by following this guideline and also by removing uneaten food remaining after this 20 minute feeding period.

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