Hikari Micro Wafer Tropical Fish Food

Hikari Micro Wafer Tropical Fish Food

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Key Features


The Hikari Micro Wafers Tropical Food are specifically designed for all types of small and medium sized tropical fish. Their unique floating then sinking characteristics allows for feeding at all levels of your tank. The food promotes vivid colours in your fish due to the inclusion of Spirulina and Astaxanthin as well as other high-grade marine and vegetable protiens that also help to promote acceptance of the food by your fish.

The Micro Wafer Tropical Food also helps flake users to monitor more easily the quantity of food fed to fish and helps to avoid over-feeding which can lead to water quality issues.


Pack Sizes Available: 20g, 40g

Feeding Instructions

Feed 2-3 times daily and only ever the amount that your fish will completely consume within a few minutes. This will aid in the avoidance of over-feeding.

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