Hikari Betta Bio Gold 20g

Hikari Betta Bio Gold 20g

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Key Features

  • Best Selling Betta Diet
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Encourages vibrant colours
  • Contains vital vitamins
  • Feeding instructions provided


The Betta Bio Gold is a specially formulated fish meal ideal for Bettas. It promotes health and longevity in your fish due to its unique blend of ingredients to help support the immune system and health of your fish.

Specifically, the inclusion of Astaxanthin promotes vibrant colouring while the use of Grape Seed Extract (polyphenol) helps to reduce the impacts and effects of aging. Finally, Spirulina is used to offer a naturally high concentration of vital vitamins to your Bettas.


Pack Size: 20g

Feeding Information

Feeding guidance is conditional based on the size of your Betta. It is recommended that for a 1.5" Betta you should feed 5-10 pellets of this product to each fish in the morning and night. If you have larger Betta, you should add 5 pellets per 1/2" of growth. However, you should never feed more than 10 pellets in one feeding session. If further feeding is required, this should be conducted in extra feeding sessions, ensuring that these take place a minimum of 2 hour apart and also a minimum of 2 hours before all lights in the room are out.

When feeding, ensure to administer each pellet 1 at a time and ensure each pellet is completely consumed by the Betta. Great care should be taken to ensure the avoidance of over feeding and uneaten food should also be removed after the feeding session has ended.

It is not uncommon for Bettas to resist a new type of food. To ensure acceptance continued use is advised. It may also take up to 5 days, in some cases, for Bettas to become acustom to a new type of food.

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