Heissner Pond Planting Baskets

Heissner Pond Planting Baskets

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Key Features

  • Floating Plant Island
  • Adjustable loop to allow several plant islands to be connected to one another
  • Styrofoam ring serves as float
  • Ensures consiant, stable watering
  • Genuine Heissner Product


The Heissner Floating Planting Baskets are an excellent method to add colour and vitality to your pond's surface as well as its edge. They work well with a wide variety of pond plants. Because they are lightweight and easy to lift into and out of the pond, the Floating Baskets are a great way to simplify planting and upkeep.

Excellent soil containment is offered by the floating plant islands, which also let water in to nourish the plants. Heissner Floating Baskets can be anchored to hold plants in place while also serving as a fish barrier.

Available in various shapes, including octagon (30cm), square (35cm), and round (35cm), these planters are designed to support aquatic plants weighing up to 2kg on the water's surface. Connect multiple planters seamlessly using the loops on the underside, allowing you to create an impressive floating garden with a diverse selection of pond plants. It's important to note that these planters are designed to connect only with others of the same type, ensuring a secure and stable arrangement.


   Octagon (30cm)

      Overall Dimensions: 30 x 30cm

      Basket Depth: 13cm

      Basket Size: 18 x 18cm

      Colour: Green

   Square (35cm)

      Overall Dimensions: 35 x 35cm

      Basket Depth: 22cm

      Basket Size: 20 x 20cm

      Colour: Black

   Round (35cm)

      Overall Dimensions: 35 x 35cm

      Basket Depth: 15cm

      Basket Size: 22 x 22cm

      Colour: Black

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