KCT Rolling Garden Lawn Compost Spreader - 76L

KCT Rolling Garden Lawn Compost Spreader - 76L


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Key Features

  • Evenly distributes organic materials over lawns, including compost, topsoil, peat moss, fertilizer, sand, and more.
  • Easy and efficient to use – the mesh basket breaks up large chunks and promotes even spreading.
  • Large holding capacity – with a roller size of 76L, it can hold a large amount of your chosen material meaning less refilling.
  • Durable material – means it is versatile for use on a variety of surfaces without causing damage.
  • Perfect for top dressing your lawn and helping to hide imperfections.


KCT's new heavy duty Lawn Compost Spreader breaks up and evenly distributes compost and other organic materials, including peat moss, topsoil, fertilizer, and sand over your lawn or garden.

Top-dressing your lawn is a tried and trusted method for helping to produce a perfect-looking lawn. Evenly spreading compost, soil, peat, or other organic materials over the grass improves the strength of your lawn, as well as fixing imperfections by filling in holes and other patches of wear and tear. Regularly using the roller can help prevent disease and pests whilst keeping your lawn looking fresh.

The rolling compost spreader is easy and efficient to use (similar to drop or broadcast spreaders). Simply open the drum, pour in the compost, shut the drum, and roll. Repeat every few months to help improve soil quality and promote healthy lawn growth over time.


Overall Size: 111 x 68.5 x 39.5 cm

Overall Width: 27 inches

Roller Size: 39.5 61 cm

Drum Size: 76L

Handle Length: 64.5cm  

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