Flat Pear Lead Fishing Weights – 10 Pack

Flat Pear Lead Fishing Weights – 10 Pack


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Key Features

  • Easy to attach to your fishing line
  • Made from strong and lasting lead material
  • Flat pear shape
  • Weights available: 30g, 40g, 60g, 70g, 80g
  • 10 weights per pack


The KCT Lead Fishing Weights are perfect for suiting your fishing needs. With a range of weight sizes available, you can easily select the required weight for your type of fishing, style of rod or type of water you are planning on fishing in.

It is recommended to use a lighter weight in shallower water and a heavier weight as the water you will be fishing in gets deeper.

Your fishing pole should have a recommended lure weight range either printed on it somewhere or available in the instructions/manufacturers website. To get the most out of your rod, it is recommended to select a weight slightly under the top end of the range as to allow for the increased force when casting.


Shape: Flat Pear

Number in Pack: 10

Weights Available:
30g (Approx. 1oz)
40g (Approx. 1.5oz)
60g (Approx. 2oz)
70g (Approx. 2.5oz)
80g (Approx. 3oz)

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