Fish Mate Filter Spare Seal, Clamps and Combi Kits

Fish Mate Filter Spare Seal, Clamps and Combi Kits

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Key Features

  • Genuine Fish Mate Spares for P-UV Pond Filter Systems
  • Lid Seals (O rings) and Lid Clamps to fit 2500/5000 PUV and Powerclenz 10000 - 45000 filters
  • Choose from the drop down section the part you require (see specifications below for help selecting part no)
  • Lid and Seal combo kits available
  • 1-3 Years Manufactures Guarantee *


Fish Mate Spares, a selection of parts to keep your filter in tip top condition.

Sometimes you may need to replace a part of your pond filter system due to damage or loss. This helps prolong the life of the filter and comes at a fraction of the cost.

Fish Mate have a selection of parts that might be vital for your system

The Lid Seal is a rubber O ring that sits in the top of your filter bucket/lid where the two connect. This seals the two units and prevents water escaping. If this becomes damaged or lost.

The clamp sits around the join of the lid and filter bucket and clamps down to secure the two and complete the seal to stop loss of water.

These spares are available for the 2500/5000 PUV, Powerclenz 10000/15000 and the 30000/450000 and are available to buy as separate parts. Or take advantage of our Combo Service Kits and save more against buying the two together.


Part No 6447 - Lid O Ring - 2500/5000 PUV

Part No 6635 - Lid O Ring - 10000/15000 Powerclenz PUV

Part No 32017 - Lid O Ring - 30000/45000 Powerclenz PUV

Part No 6601 - Lid Clamp - 10000/15000 Powerclenz PUV

Part No 32007 - Lid Clamp - 30000/45000 Powerclenz PUV

Seal and Clamp Kit - 10000/15000 Powerclenz (consists of Part No 6635 & 6601)

Seal and Clamp Kit - 30000/45000 Powerclenz (consists of Part No 32017 & 32007)

Guarantee: This item comes with a 1-year warranty as standard. Which can be extended by an additional 2 years if you register your product within 14 days of your purchase (Total of 3 years from the date of purchase). Please be advised the warranty must be validated on the manufacturer's (Closer Pets) website.

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