Evolution Aqua evoUV Professional Pond UV Clarifiers

Evolution Aqua evoUV Professional Pond UV Clarifiers

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Key Features

  • New redesigned models with greater performance
  • Improves water clarity by eradicating green water
  • Fully serviceable for easy maintenance
  • Available in 7 models to suit all pond sizes
  • High output, energy efficient ballast


Evolution Aqua EvoUV Clarifiers: Advanced Pond Water Treatment

Evolution Aqua’s pond UV clarifiers have been designed to deliver even greater performance and improved serviceability, now with the enhanced Ti version. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and design techniques, these clarifiers ensure optimal water flow through the unit and maximum ultraviolet light penetration.

One notable feature is the ease of serviceability of the evoUV units. Changing bulbs, quartz sleeves, or replacing a ballast is a quick and simple process.

These powerful yet economical units have been designed to ensure effective flow rates and optimum performance, compatible with various filtration systems. Installation is hassle-free, whether using flexible hoses or hard pipes, facilitating integration within existing pipework runs. Each clarifier includes two 1 1/2" BSP Male threaded stepped hosetails (25mm, 32mm, 38mm), accommodating different piping setups.

EvoUV Ti Clarifiers: Superior Durability and Efficiency

The EvoUV Ti Clarifiers represent a professional range of ultraviolet units known for their efficiency and economy in combating algae in ponds. The EvoUV Ti range comes with all the features of the standard version with added durability. Constructed with a thick and polished titanium tube, these units are exceptionally durable and effective in clearing green pond water fast. The EvoUV Ti units feature low-energy electronic ballasts positioned in robust, watertight compartments with full thermal overload protection.


Model Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate UVC Watts (T8 Bulbs) Inlet/Outlet Size Dimensions (LxWxH)
evo15 15000 Litres 7500 Litres/Hr 15W 1.5" 580 x 88 x 167mm
evo25 20000 Litres 10000 Litres/Hr 25W 1.5" 580 x 88 x 167mm
evo30 30000 Litres 15000 Litres/Hr 30W 1.5" 980 x 88 x 167mm
evo55/Ti 55000 Litres 20000 Litres/Hr 55W 1.5" 980 x 88 x 167mm
evo110/Ti 75000 Litres 25000 Litres/Hr 110W (2x 55W T8) 2" 1055 x 160 x 230mm

All models up to the evo75 come supplied with two 1 1/2" BSP Male threaded stepped hosetails (25mm, 32mm, 38mm). The evo110/Ti does NOT come with any fittings.

2-year manufacturer guarantee included.

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