Eden Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 501

Eden Aquarium Gravel Cleaner 501

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Key Features

  • Easy Gravel Cleaning - Quickly removes dirt and coarse debris from the bottom of the fish tank.
  • No need to change water - The Gravel cleaner has a water return and deposits clean and filtered water back to the tank
  • Compact and sturdy suction pipe that allows for reliable cleaning of even the hardest to reach parts
  • Filter Foams are included. These effectively help to remove harmful dirt particles from the water
  • Includes 2 Suction Tubes, Filter Foam and a simple to install bracket. 3 Years Guarantee

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The Eden Gravel Cleaner 501 is an effective and simple solution to keeping your fish tank at its best.

Feed and plant residue can collect in the tank and begin to breakdown into harmful chemicals. The electric powered cleaner can quickly and easily remove sludge, waste and debris that embeds itself in the gravel and substrate of your Aquarium floor

Using a gravel cleaner helps to remove any impurities found in the debris, removes them and keeps the water oxygen rich and full of good nutrients that are beneficial for overall fish health.

With the Eden 501, your aquariums water is filtered and automatically returned back into the tank, eliminating the need for overflowing buckets of water or lengthy water changes. The compact suction tubes can reach even the hardest to reach parts, working hard to clean every inch of your tank.

Filter foams help to remove dirt and debris particles from the water as they are trapped in the foam fibres and can be removed from the cleaner. The gravel cleaner can be used in Marine or freshwater tanks.

It is recommended to clean the tank floor regularly


Unit size: L:150mm x W:90mm x H:165mm

Power: 5 watts

Max water depth of 50cm.

Max flow 300 lph

Filter capacity 280cm3

Supplied with:

1x Hanging bracket Intake and outlet hose

1 x narrow intake tube, 12mm diameter, 280mm length*

1 x wide intake tube, 25mm diameter, 280mm length*

*The tubes can be combined to extend length to 560mm

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