CrystalSkim Indoor Aquarium Skimmers - Oase

CrystalSkim Indoor Aquarium Skimmers - Oase

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Key Features

  • Compact Aquarium Surface Skimmer, frees the water surface of floating substances
  • Also helps to clear restrictive biofilm, allowing benefical gas exchange to improve
  • The Skimmer can catch fine particles on the surface, ideal when plants are trimmed
  • Includes an intergrated collection basket that helps to prevent fish from getting into the skimmer
  • Available in two sizes - Suitable for Tanks up to 600 Litres. Includes 3 Year Manufacturer guarantee

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The Oase CrystalSkim is an effective Aquarium Skimmer that is full of features to help keep tank water clear

The compact skimmers are a discreet filter that can be placed in any position on the internal wall of the tank and limits the space it occupies in your Aquariums. The Skimmer works quickly and effectively to free the water surface of debris and floating remains. The powerful motor is adjustable and ensures crystal clear water surface areas at the correct output needed

The Oase CrystalSkim also helps to remove any thick biofilm from the water surface. If an aquarium has too much biofilm floating on the water, beneficial gas exchange becomes a struggle. The skimmer removes this biofilm and the gas exchange can be significantly improved for the benefit of the tanks inhabitants.

Each CrystalSkim has an internal basket that acts a safety barrier and prevents fish from being caught inside. This basket can be removed for cleaning. A floating ring inside the skimmer allows the unit to adapt to water levels and increases the service life

The CrystalSkim is suitable for tanks up to 600L and has a convenient long cable. Each Skimmer has a 3 year Manufacturer Guarantee


Model For Tanks up to Max Flow Rate Power Dimensions (HxD)
CrystalSkim 350 350 Litres 320 LPH 4.5 Watts 11cm x 3.6cm
CrystalSkim 600 600 Litres 860 LPH 4.7 Watts 17cm x 4.9cm
Each CrystalSkim comes with a 2m Cable with plug and a 3 Year Guarantee

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