Compatible biOrb Filter Service Refill Kit with Airstones and Media

Compatible biOrb Filter Service Refill Kit with Airstones and Media

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Key Features

  • Suitable for all biOrb aquariums
  • Compatible replacement biOrb Service Kits and airstones available
  • Service kit includes filter foam, media, and airstones
  • Eco-friendly option refill kit reduces plastic waste
  • Easy to assemble and replace components


These compatible service kits and air stones are designed specifically for biOrb aquarium filtration systems. All biOrb aquarium models share the same filtration mechanics which means you can have peace of mind knowing that these service kits and air stones will be compatible with your biOrb aquarium. Please note that this is a refill service kit and does not contain the plastic kit housing. This kit is designed to reduce waste - enabling you to use your current filter housing kit inside your biOrb.

Please choose from the drop downs your desired product or combination pack. We have compatible refill service kits sold in multiple packs, as well as compatible air stones, these can be purchased separate from each other.

Compatible biOrb Service Kits

Included in this kit are your disc shaped filter sponges, filtration media packs and airstones. Simply take apart your current biOrb filter unit and empty the contents whilst retaining the plastic container. Then simply replace the respective elements by placing the media onto the plastic media tray, then placing the filter foam on top. Rinse out before inserting back into your biOrb aquarium to ensure there is no dust inside the filter.

Compatible biOrb Air Stones

Available in multiple pack sizes, these compatible biOrb air stones are designed to fit with all biOrb aquarium filtration systems. It is essential to replace your air stones regularly, such as when showing signs of discolouration or a reduction in bubble rate. Replacing your air stones will ensure sufficient and clean oxygen for the aquatic life in your aquarium.


Service Kit Filter Media : Zeolite and Carbon media with Filter Sponge

Compatible with all biOrb Aquariums

This item is a refill kit and does not include the plastic service kit housing that should already be included with your biOrb aquarium.

Available Options:

  • 2 Air Stones
  • 5 Air Stones
  • 10 Air Stones
  • 15 Air Stones
  • 20 Air Stones
  • 5 pack Compatible Refill Service Kit with 5 Pack Media and 2 Airstones
  • 10 pack Compatible Refill Service Kit with 10 Pack Media and 4 Airstones
  • 15 pack Compatible Refill Service Kit with 15 Pack Media and 6 Airstones

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