Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap

Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap

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The Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap is a specially designed Pet Door, which has been developed for larger cats or small dogs such as Miniature Poodles, Dachshunds, Pekinese, Yorkshire Terriers and many more up to a shoulder height of 36cm.

The Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap makes a stylish alternative to the typical square/rectangular shaped flaps and is easy to fit onto any door. It is particularly recommended for single, double or triple glazing installation and features a robust 4-Way lock which gives you complete control over your pets access to and from the home.

The 4-Way lock can be set to:

  • Unlocked
  • In Only
  • Out Only
  • Locked

With its generously sized 180mm x 185mm door opening and transparent flap (which is preferred by most cats), you can be rest assured that your pet will easily be able to enter and exit as they please with no trouble at all. The Cat Mate Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap features a brush seal and magnetic closure which ensures a draft proof and weather proof seal.

This easy to install and self-lining (up to 50mm) Cat Flap is an ideal choice for your pet.

**Please Note** For glass installation, it is recommended that you ask a glazier to cut a hole in the panel that you wish the Cat Flap to be installed into. For installation into double/triple glazing or toughened glass, you will require a new panel to be made.


Overall Dimensions:

305mm x D 40mm

Cut Out Diameter:


Dogs To Shoulder Height:

360mm (14 inches)

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